Monday, December 12, 2011


My instrument consists of recycled materials, most none as a tea gallon bottle, a vacume cleaner part, rubber bands, cloths pins, and a lot of duck tape. My instrument could make enough noise to allow people to hear but I can still put more work into it to improve it more. But over all my instrument was a sucsess and was a wonderful project to make and be apart of.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Film review

    Shhh It's A Secret Production, what I liked about it was there choice of music and the way they put the sound along with the narrating. I also like how Bryce held his stomach like he had to poop, I found it very humerous. All over it was very well, although I couldn't really tell what the narrator was saying.
     My group was named the flinstones, I loved how the director edited the video along with the sketches and the video. My complaint is that maybe we could have had sound.
     The Void was A very nice film and I loved there use of there own original music. I also liked the way they composed the shapes falling over and spinning.
     * Movement I thought was a very successful film, there editing was amazing and corresponded very well with the whole film. I espeacialy loved how they edited the twinkle sounds with the foot steps.
       Cherry Bomb I thought was funny, they really caught my eye and was very well edited. I thought they could have had an idea at the beginning to add everything to go together like they have a story.
      Crazy Hair was very nice it's editing was very imaginitive and very well thought out. I loved how they where wacky with there video and we normally don't see that
     Moving Hands I think it was very well and I loved there use of the song hands off to them and there video

The mandala five circles

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Second video project

My part in this whole video is making the flip book. Our group name is the flinstones, making a pun for our video. I made the ocean turn into a rock that fell back to the ocean being just a puddle of water. The whole experience was pretty fun to be apart of. Some of my coworkers are Angel, and Melissa and they've been fun to work with on this project. I guess you can say that our video shows us from our dreams being represented by the paper then evolving to reality by the rock being formed is a idea evolving through and becoming real.
    My job was to make a flip book consisting of about 55 to 64 images. I hand drew all the the images of the oceans waves waving about. I made the ocean transform into a rock skipping back to a flat surface of water. The video taking comes after the flip book images.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Mr. Richards class

He said that you hear with your eyes faster than your ears. I like that for the fact that it is true because you can see the person thats speaking to you if there talking or not. He also said your movement is 40 percent of your whole performence. I like that statement to because its true on its own for you and anyone els can use that to help them.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs

I honestly think that people are blowing his death just a little out of proportions. The apple company is worried about there future but not worried about his family. Don't get me wrong the Items he brought to this world are amazing it's just the people act that have to get the newest thing  because newer things installed in it. Anyways R.I.P. Steve Jobs.

Friday, September 30, 2011

The Man, Paul Baker

Paul Baker was truely an amazing man. He was an actor, a film maker, a author, and a proffessor.